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Seattle Launches Largest Fleet of Electric Assist Bikes in US History

Fossil fuel enthusiasts beware; LimeBike has just launched the largest fleet ofelectric-assist bikes in the country.

You read that correctly. The. Largest. E-bike. Fleet. In. The. U.S.

With today’s launch of 500 Lime-E’s on the streets of the Seattle, the first of thousands we'll be deploying nationwide over the coming weeks, we’re bringing dock free electric bike sharing front and center in the city that helped introduce LimeBike to the world back in 2017.

So how does that make your life better, exactly?

Well, for one, Lime-E is the most intelligent, hassle-free cycling experience you can have for just $1 to unlock and $0.10/minute of riding. Here’s what we mean:

  • Our smart, 250-watt motor responds automatically to the torque you apply to the pedals, giving you a ride that’s both effortless and smooth
  • With a maximum speed of 14.8 mph, Lime-E easily gets you where you’re going on time, even uphill, while keeping you in complete control
  • Lime-E’s 62-mile maximum range means you can confidently tackle even long distance commutes without the fear of losing battery support

As if all that technology wasn’t exciting enough, our Lime-E electric assist bikes offer something even more beneficial to drivers in Seattle who waste over five days every year either stuck in traffic or looking for parking.


“We see this as an opportunity to go beyond first and last mile solutions,” said Jason Wilde LimeBike Regional GM. “Bringing the largest e-assist fleet in the US to Seattle allows us to help further reduce traffic congestion within the city.”

So just to recap: Fewer cars, better technology, smarter bikes.

Yes, we understand that this is February in the Pacific Northwest. But we also know that the Emerald City has a proud history of cycling behind it, and we’re honored to offer even more riders the opportunity to easily and affordably get around their home town on two wheels.

So when you’re ready to rediscover how exciting - and effortless - cycling can be, come take a ride on one of Seattle’s Lime-E electricassist bikes. The future of urban mobility, like the Emerald City itself, is looking greener every day.

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