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Scooters In Chicago: Lime Set To Launch Micromobility In 3rd Largest City In US

On Saturday, June 15, Chicago will become the second of the Top 3 largest cities in the US to host Lime electric scooters.

The launch is part of the Windy City’s 4-month micromobility pilot program designed to help ease traffic congestion and make public transit more accessible for residents.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected by the City of Chicago to help bring clean, accessible micromobility options to the city,” said Nico Probst, Lime’s Head of Government Relations in the Midwest. “Our focus is on safely and responsibly improving mobility access for all residents of Chicago, and to that end Lime will be hosting safety events throughout the pilot area all summer long to help riders comfortably adjust to this new form of transportation.”


A total of 2,500 electric scooters will be located throughout the Chicago pilot area, which covers some 50 square miles between Halsted Street, Irving Park Road, Harlem and the Chicago River.

To help ensure that riders stay within the permissible riding zone, Lime has set up a city-wide geofence that will automatically slowdown and eventually stop scooters that have traveled outside the service area.


Chicago’s electric scooter launch places it alongside other major American metropoles embracing the global micromobility movement, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Portland and Washington, DC. Earlier this week, Lime announced that riders in San Diego had saved roughly 569 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere by opting to use electric scooters in place of a car.

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