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Scooters In Brussels: Lime Passes 1 Million Rides, Partners With VIAS Safety Institute

Scooters, and scooter safety, are here to stay in Brussels. That’s the message behind a series of announcements coming out of the Belgian capital this week.

In the wake of Lime’s first million e-scooter rides in Brussels, transportation officials have officially granted the company a 3-year license to continue local operations. The notable 36-month extension reflects the capital’s push for more sustainability, innovation and collaboration as outlined in the Brussels Smart City initiative.

“Our first 1.2 million rides demonstrate the growing demand here in Brussels for clean, accessible urban mobility alternatives,” said Benjamin Barnathan, Lime’s GM of France Expansion and Belgium. “We’re excited to continue working with local officials and organizations to help make safer, healthier and more connected urban living a reality for every Bruxellois.”

To that end, Lime has announced a robust partnership with the VIAS Institute, Belgium’s premier knowledge center focused on mobility and roadway safety. The collaboration is centered around three goals:

  1. Infrastructure mapping in Brussels to identify hazardous areas and areas where micromobility users feel insecure, performed using special IOT devices as part of a mobility project financially supported by Brussels Region authorities
  2. Hosting First Ride scooter safety events in various cities throughout Belgium
  3. Implementing a micromobily academy course by the end of the year


Lime’s partnership with VIAS is the latest cooperative effort between the two organizations. In April, both groups paired up to host Respect The Ride Brussels to help distribute free helmets and teach micromobility users across the city the importance of safe, responsible riding practices.

Recent survey data released by Lime has also shown strong positive results in Brussels beyond safety awareness. According to the report, 35% of Lime riders in the Belgian capital report using personal automobiles less frequently thanks to electric scooters and 25% report using a Lime scooter to replace a trip by car during their last ride.

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