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Lisbon Blends Art, E‑Scooters To Make A Statement About Micromobility

What happens to damaged Lime electric scooters?

The simple answer is that every vehicle is repaired by a team of locally-hired mechanics, with 97% of irreparable components kept out of landfills through intensive recycling and upcycling efforts.

With a little creativity, however, a scooter in need of repair can also become an opportunity to engage with the community in a meaningful way. This was the approach taken recently by the Lime team in Lisbon, who paired up with local artist Rui Alexandre Ferreira (RAF) to add some color to the streets of the Portuguese capital while spreading an important message about micromobility.

Using 15 damaged electric scooters as his canvas, RAF, a graduate in Equipment Design and Performing Plastic, created original pieces of functional urban art meant to demonstrate the versatility and sustainability of micromobility vehicles.


“There are a lot of misconceptions about shared scooters, and we wanted to help draw attention to that using the power of local creativity,” said Nuno Inácio, Lime's expansion director in Portugal. “RAF’s designs reflect not only the color and diversity of Lisbon, but the potential for micromobility to enact positive change in our city. Lime scooters are long lasting, they’re fun and they’re meant to integrate into Lisbon in a way that all citizens can appreciate.”

The collaboration marks the first time that Lime has teamed up with RAF, who helped found the Mu Workspace - Creative Coworking center in Lisbon’s Alta de Lisboa community. The 15 refurbished scooters will remain in regular circulation around Lisbon into 2020.

In October, Lime celebrated its first year in Portugal by announcing that riders had prevented an estimated 120 metric tonnes (120,000 kgs) of CO2 from being emitted over the course of more than 1.8 million e-scooter rides. The company’s newest model scooter, the Gen 3, has a lifespan over one year.

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