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Lime Shifts To Logistics Service Provider Model In California, Fostering New Opportunities For Local Entrepreneurs


As the global leader in micromobility, we’ve learned a lot from the 120+ unique cities we serve around the world. From operational improvements to product enhancements to charging partnerships, we continue to adapt our business to meet the growing demand for micromobility and best serve our communities. Due to recent changes in California state law and Lime’s evolving business needs, we are retiring our California Juicer program and will shift to partnering with companies that provide logistics services to charge and deploy our scooters.

Lime believes in the power of small business ecosystems to help communities thrive. And that’s why we’re partnering with both small business logistic providers and larger companies around the state. We hope our former Juicers will take advantage of opportunities to work directly with top-tier logistics companies or start their own logistics provider businesses.

"We are deeply grateful to the Juicer community and are eager to foster opportunities for them to work with these logistics partners or leverage their entrepreneurial talents to start their own logistics companies,” said Wayne Ting, Global Head of Operations & Strategy for Lime.

These changes will also allow Lime to more strategically and collaboratively facilitate our expansion plans. As we continue to expand our business in California, Lime will have the existing Logistics Provider infrastructure in place to more easily and efficiently streamline our growth.

JUMPWatts, an e-mobility charging access and infrastructure company based in Los Angeles, is just one of many of our Logistics Providers. "We are looking forward to partnering and growing with Lime," said founders Arun Gunasekaran and Bryan Ovalle, "We are thrilled to be at the forefront of a growing industry, working to make it more efficient and sustainable through our innovative charging solutions and infrastructure."

For businesses large and small interested in working with Lime, or if you are a California Juicer interested in starting your own logistics business, you can sign up for more information on our Logistics Program here.

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