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Lime’s Scooter Reserve Feature Is Going Global


One of the most requested Lime app enhancements is making its global debut this week.

Lime’s scooter reserve feature, which first appeared earlier this year to a select group of test riders in France, Israel and Australia, will be rolled out throughout the US on Monday, July 1st. All global Lime markets will quickly follow suit later in the week.

The scooter reserve feature is a first of its kind in the micromobility industry, allowing riders to pre-book an available vehicle up to 15 minutes prior to unlocking it.

“We’re thrilled to be able to add another level of reliability to the scooter-sharing process,” said Will Lee, Product Manager at Lime. “Micromobility riders want to know that a vehicle will be available for them every time they need one, and Lime’s new scooter reserve feature is another critical step in ensuring that those expectations are met.”

To reserve a Lime scooter, simply:

  1. Tap on a scooter icon in the Lime app
  2. Press the “Reserve” button in the banner, then “Start Reservation”
  3. Arrive and unlock the scooter within 15 minutes


Once a scooter is reserved, riders can still unlock any other scooter they come across that may be more conveniently located. The previously reserved scooter will automatically become available for the next rider as soon as the alternate scooter is unlocked.

The rate to reserve a scooter is identical to per-minute-rate to ride a Lime in a given market.

In May, Lime made headlines by rolling out a similar feature for Lime Juicers, allowing them to reserve scooters for harvest up to 30 minutes before retrieval. Both the global Juicer Reserve and the beta Scooter Reserve features have been met with strong support from the Lime community.

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