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Lime Reaches 150 Million Rides Globally

Lime recently reached another exciting milestone, passing more than 150 million rides globally. To have reached these numbers just three years after Lime was launched is a big moment for our company -- and a testament to the millions of riders, hundreds of employees, and more than 100 city partners who have embraced this safer and more sustainable mode of transportation. But in a year marked by global tragedy and turmoil, this is a moment for us to take a pause, and reflect on what this number really means for the people and communities we serve.

For Lime, being the largest micromobility company isn’t about the big, shiny number. It’s about using our experience and our scale to make real changes in how people get around, particularly as cities around the world are reopening following COVID-19 restrictions. We’re committed to helping people rethink their rides, from commuting to running errands to seeing friends, by implementing new safety procedures and providing access to affordable modes of transportation. And we’re invested in the more than 30 countries that we operate in, with initiatives like Lime Access enabling more equitable transportation options, or Lime Hero helping us and our riders support great local causes, or Lime Aid providing transportation for essential workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of these 150 million rides extends beyond our riders and local communities as well. Each one of these 150 million rides was powered with 100% renewable energy. That means our riders have saved 32 million miles of car travel, equivalent to riding one of our bikes or scooters around the globe -- more than 1,200 times. We’ve also saved 1,300,000 gallons of gas, which translates to about 100,000 full tanks of gas for your average car. These kinds of numbers are almost impossible to comprehend, but it’s incredible to think about how these efforts have helped to reduce carbon pollution.

We believe micromobility has the potential to change the world by providing safer, more affordable, more sustainable transportation options for all -- especially as the world as we know it changes. So while we’re proud to have reached this milestone, we’re committed to looking to the future, helping people and cities rethink their rides, and to the even greater impact the next 150 million rides will have.

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