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Lime at Paris Fashion Week: Style, Innovation and Eco-Mobility


The expression "haute couture" has become synonymous with innovation; with a natural disruption of norms that accompanies the relentless pursuit of style and artistic excellence.

So when the eyes of the fashion world turned to Paris last week, they were likely unsurprised by the sight of jaw-dropping architecture, A-list celebrities and runway after runway of groundbreaking design.

What they were less likely expecting to catch sight of, however, was something much more unassuming but no less profound:

The future of sustainable urban mobility.

For the first time in its prestigious history, the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode paired up with Lime, the premier electric scooter provider in Paris, to bring sustainability to the forefront of fashion consciousness.

Throughout the duration of Paris Fashion Week, Lime provided a fleet of sleek new trottinettes électriques and custom discount codes at almost every event, enabling seamless transportation across the city for thousands of visiting guests, models and designers.

There were even co-branded Lime-S scooters available at the Stella McCartney Fashion Show Monday morning, enticing the celebrated editor of Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo to give them a try.


But the excitement didn’t stop there. With the help of the team at Closca Design, riders throughout the week received custom Lime collapsible helmets to keep them safe and stylish on the streets of Paris.

“Fashion is all about innovation and being a trendsetter,” said Arthur-Louis Jacquier, GM of France. “Working with Paris Fashion Week is a great fit for Lime because it helps us to align the fact that it’s important to be innovative and sustainable not only with what you wear, but also with the way you move in your city.”



Check out the video above to get a more in-depth look at Lime’s debut at Paris Fashion Week, and don’t forget to download the Lime app to take part in the sustainable mobility revolution.

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