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Lime’s Juicer Reserve Feature Goes Global


Earlier this year, Lime introduced a new feature in select markets allowing Juicers to reserve a scooter up to 30 minutes before retrieving it. The goal was to help keep the recharging process clear, safe and efficient for all involved.

Today, after months of testing and evaluation, that feature has been rolled out globally to more than 100 cities hosting Lime electric scooters.

“Our Juicer Partners are an integral part of our operations,” said Wayne Ting, Lime’s Global Head of Operations and Strategy. “Together with their engagement and feedback we’ve been able to develop a product that optimizes the incredible work they’re doing every day.”

Lime Juicers are responsible for harvesting, charging and redeploying Lime electric scooters in strategic hotspots around their city. In March, a version of the reserve feature was first made available to Juicers in Oakland, US, Auckland, NZ and Brisbane, AU.


Lime is also currently testing a rider reserve feature that allows Lime community members to “book” an electric scooter up to 15 minutes before their ride.

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