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Lime Announces Over 12 Million Pounds of CO2 Saved in First Three Months of 2018


540,000 lbs.That’s how much CO2 was saved by Lime riders across the US in the first three months of 2018. It’s equivalent to roughly 28,000 gallons of gas that weren’t burned in car engines, or the absorption capacity of an additional 46,000 trees on planet Earth.These numbers are a promising start. They point not only to how quickly Lime has grown over the last year, but also to the exciting potential of our new multimodal electric fleet.From San Diego to our nation’s capital, we’re seeing ridership spike to new highs everywhere we launch our Lime-S electric scooters and Lime-E electric assist bikes.And we’re not stopping there.Throughout the month of April, the team at Lime is taking a close look at our environmental impact and challenging ourselves to make a difference. At a time when the EPA is rolling back emission standards on a US transportation sector that produces 1.8 billion metric tons of CO2 annually, we believe there’s a better approach.So we’re doubling down on our commitment to clean, affordable mobility for all.Beginning next week, keep your eyes open for various Lime initiatives that will help get you out of your car and onto a bike or electric scooter. It’s all part of our push towards Earth Day, and Lime’s biggest week of carbon reduction in history!We know this is our responsibility not only as a rapidly expanding technology company, but as stewards of a truly awesome planet. After all, the more rides we take together, the healthier it is for all of us.Stay green, ride on and we’ll see you next week #limenation. More to come!

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