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Brussels Is Leading The Way In E‑Scooter Safety Awareness, Survey Finds

Brussels’ commitment to safe e-scooter riding is paying off.

According to a recent survey, the vast majority of the city’s 100,000+ Lime riders understand the rules governing proper scooter use. 81% of them know not to ride on the sidewalks, and of those who have done so 52% indicate that it was due to either a lack of proper infrastructure or an overabundance of traffic congestion.

“This is an encouraging sign,” said Benjamin Barnathan, Lime’s GM in Brussels. “It’s imperative that riders be made aware of the rules that pertain to this new system of mobility, and Lime is committed to cultivating that awareness through all means of safety education.”

To that end, Benjamin and his team recently paired up with Belgium’s VIAS Institute to host Respect The Ride Brussels: Lime’s signature global safety event. Thousands of city residents showed up Saturday, April 27th to learn about micromobility, attend a press conference with transportation safety experts, test ride Lime electric scooters and receive a complimentary helmet.

By the end of the day, 2,031 Bruxellois had signed Lime’s “Respect The Ride” pledge, expressing a shared commitment to responsible e-scooter riding and parking.



Similarly, there were more than 2,000 respondents to Lime’s city-wide safety survey, a strong indication that riders are motivated to share their experiences and offer feedback.

In addition to the encouraging data regarding overall safety awareness, 35% of Lime riders in Brussels report using personal automobiles less frequently thanks to electric scooters. 25% report using a Lime scooter to replace a trip by car during their last ride.

To date, riders in Brussels have taken more than half a million trips on Lime electric scooters.

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