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Atlanta Upcycling: Lime And Georgia Tech Students Give New Life To Old Scooters

How can a micromobility company help university students expand their understanding of electronic engineering?

For Matthew Perry, Lime’s GM of Atlanta, the answer came by way of his nearby alma mater.

A graduate of Georgia Tech, Matthew has been working with the university’s Hive Makerspace to upcycle Lime-S electric scooter wheels. The motorized hardware, which would otherwise have been recycled due to wear or damage, is being given new life at the on-campus workshop.


“The students are super excited to use the Lime parts,” said Randy Deng, President of The Hive. “Within days they were taken and being put to good use.”

“It’s because of donations like these that our students are able to prototype their ideas.”

Based on the success of the program, Lime has paired up with The Hive to sponsor a contest challenging students to creatively repurpose a motorized Lime-S wheel. The winning entry will be announced on April 1st, and its creator will be given unlimited Lime-S scooter rides for an entire semester.

“I have been absolutely impressed with the caliber of students that I’ve worked with at the Hive Makerspace,” said Matthew, who was on hand at Georgia Tech’s Van Leer Building to give demos and answer questions. “I cannot wait to see what these budding engineers build with our upcycled resources.”


The Hive describes itself as “a space where students of any background can find help for embedded systems and electronics-based projects,” and usage of all equipment and services is cost-free to Georgia Tech students.

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