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5 ways riders use Lime to get around their cities

From coast to coast, Lime’s e-scooters bring joy to every journey. Yet, they’re also an important part of a city’s transportation ecosystem. From daily commutes to running errands to quick connections to the train, our vehicles help people move around their city easily and affordably.

Here are 5 ways riders rely on Lime in their daily life:

1. Commuting

From home to the subway to whatever your version of the office is—and back—Lime is a better option. According to an internal survey, up to 24% of trips globally are used for commuting or work-related purposes. After all, if given the choice of traffic vs. fresh air, we know what we’d pick!

"As a key worker, I had to work during Covid restrictions and saw Lime as an alternative to the tube. It made life simple for me and the cost is great too. Now I’m over 500 trips!"

- Ross, Camden, London

“I use Lime daily to get to and from work. Super convenient and I follow the rules of the ride and treat them like bicycles.”

– Shane L*, Nashville, Tennessee

"I take a Lime every single day - it’s often the difference between seeing my kids before bed or not."

-Ardon, City of London

"[After] over 500 miles, Lime is part of my daily commute. From the 4.30am ride into The City before the tube begins, to the dart into the West End for a meeting. Hands down the quickest way to get around London - bar none."

-Steve, City of London

2. Connecting to public transport.

It’s not always easy getting from A to B. When facing frustrating connections or long or out-of-the-way walks, Lime complements any city’s public transportation options and makes trips shorter.

“There’s no metro stop near my house and [Lime] is a great way to get straight to my doorstep without breaking the bank.”

– Cathy T*, Washington, D.C.

3. A car-free social life.

Have plans? No need to worry about traffic or parking. Lime gets riders where they're going cheaply and quickly.

"I was rushing to get to my sister’s pregnancy, [but] since there was a strike I realised I was going to miss the moment of becoming an uncle... I got [there] just in time because of Lime!"

- Walid, City of London

“Using Lime on Padres opening day was the best thing I could have done. I am not stuck in traffic and it’s a lot cheaper than parking…I saved over $25 in parking itself.”

– Emma C*, San Diego, California

“I was out with friends and we were going to another place for food that wasn’t too far. They are younger and I am 55 but still an active 55. I admit when they suggested Lime I was very hesitant... But, we all boarded our rides and went for it. I HAD A BLAST and can’t wait to do it again!!”

– Todd S, Charlotte, North Carolina

"I've stopped driving my car and using public transport because I know I'll get to work in half the time on a Lime bike! A £5 pass gets me to work and back! Absolute life saver."

- Rosie, City of London

4. Errands, without hunting for a parking spot.

After a week of looking forward to shopping on a Saturday, the vibe can quickly shift when you realize every other car owner in the city had the same dream. Lime helps riders run errands all over town without the hassle.

“I’ve found hidden gem restaurants, I’m able to visit shops I wouldn’t normally go to. I have easy access to a wider area without the hassle of finding parking or being dissuaded by a long walk.”

– Brett S, San Diego, California

"Great for nipping around town: after school run, getting to work, visiting dentist, misc errands. Love the wind in my hair and the chance to watch London street life. Makes travelling around London fun!"

- Susan, Camden, London

5. A safer way to get around.

Our goal is not only to get everyone to their destination but to do it safely—especially for riders who are unable to drive or feel uneasy walking alone.

“I haven’t driven in a decade due to a car accident… due to my having epilepsy. Lime scooters give me that freedom to react quickly enough should I feel a seizure coming on… Thank you for providing me with more freedom and control in my life.”

– Sam H*, Los Angeles, California

“When I’m working late and all the trains have left, I used to only have 2 options: shell out an hour’s pay for a rideshare or walk in the dark downtown as a young woman. Now, scooters allow me to get home quickly and safely, even on dark streets and trails.”

– Julianna L, Aurora, California

Not only are there endless ways to get around on a Lime, every single one is great for riders and even better for our environment.

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