Lime Access: Ride Green. Save Green.

At Lime, we believe in providing transport options for all. That's why we've created Lime Access: an affordable way to use Lime in your city. We're proud to launch our industry-leading Lime Access program across our Belgium markets, supporting qualifying users with significantly discounted e-bike and e-scooter rides.

Lime Access offers discounted rides to Lime users who qualify, making safe, green and socially inclusive transport an option for everybody.

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How to Apply in the Beligum

To qualify, you simply need to state your reasons for eligibility. Please see below for qualifying forms of identification and eligibility for the program. This information must be correct, and your responses on this form are legally binding.

Valid forms of ID: Includes a valid driver's license, id card, or passport.

Proof of eligibility include:

  • Valid Student ID or Student certificate for students age 18-24

  • PRRB status certificate issued by your health insurance

  • Reduced fare card from SNCB-NMBS

Your legal name must be displayed on both your ID and proof of eligibility.

Questions? Email [email protected].

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Partner with Lime

If your nonprofit or community organization would like to work with Lime to increase access to reduced cost transportation, please let us know. Tell us more about your work and a Lime team member will be in touch.

Terms and Conditions

Use of the Lime Access program (Program) is subject to Lime’s standard Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, as well as these additional terms:

Lime Access provides reduced fares to eligible riders. Eligibility and discounts may vary by city. To qualify for the Program you will need to submit documentation, per the requirements below, demonstrating eligibility. Eligibility for the Program may be subject to review by Lime on an annual basis.

Your access to the reduced rates under the Program is limited to a single Lime rider account and is not transferable across accounts or for use by other riders under your account. You may not combine Lime Access reduced fares with Ride Pass or other discounts and promotions. Any fraudulent or illegal use of the Program or violation of these terms and conditions may result in removal from the Program, termination of your Lime account, or other actions taken by Lime at its sole discretion.

You may only use your Lime account, including access to reduced rates under the Program, for personal transportation and not for business or commercial purposes. Lime reserves the right to apply additional limitations to the use of the Program.

All Lime riders must comply with applicable laws and regulations governing use, riding, and parking of Lime vehicles. Failure to do so may result in fines, fees, account suspension, or other penalties.

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