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Lime joins new industry coalition to promote micromobility in Europe

We’re excited to announce that we’re joining our fellow micromobility providers in Europe to launch the first-ever coalition to support a more friendly environment for micromobility across the continent. Lime joins seven other operators to found Micro-Mobility for Europe (MMfE), a coalition aimed at fostering a welcoming regulatory and physical environment for scooters as a car-free alternative in Europe. As micro-mobilitycontinues to flourish in European cities, MMfE will help to further the transition to zero-emission urban mobility. Lime and its fellow MMfE coalition members operate in ten European Union countries across more than 100 cities.

MMfE will work alongside European cities to tackle issues including reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions associated with urban travel, with the goal of transforming urban mobility. The coalition will help Europe meet its ambitious emissions targets by accelerating the pace of decarbonizing transportation.

Local authorities are increasingly focused on integrating micro-mobility into their transportation ecosystems. Data shared by micro-mobility providers like Lime help cities better understand, regulate, and plan how people get around. This includes traffic flows, the use of public infrastructure and space, and changes to improve road safety, but it also includes how to incentivize lighter-weight, lower-carbon mobility options in line with future needs and sustainability goals.

We’re excited about filling a conspicuous gap in transport and mobility policy discussions that have thus far left micromobility providers on the outside. MMfE will add views, expertise and real-world experience to the decision-making process around urban mobility.

Initial areas of focusfor MMfE will be policy around data governance and the circular economy, ensuring that as the EU develops more concrete regulations in these areas in the coming years, shared micro-mobility will have a seat at the table. Following the publication of the EU’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, and given the changes in mobility the pandemic has triggered, MMfE is eager to engage the Commission and EU policy makers to contribute to Europe’s COVID-19 recovery efforts, helping further the maturation of European green and digital economies.

For more information on the MMfE, visit the coalition website or get in contact here.

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