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Lime Celebrates 10 Million Rides in Los Angeles, Replacing Over 2.5 Million Car Trips

In a major milestone for a US city, we’re thrilled to share that Los Angeles riders recently surpassed the 10 million ride mark, traveling nearly 11 million miles via e-scooter, or 440 trips around earth’s equator. Angelenos and their many visitors have clearly demonstrated how shared electric scooters are the future of urban transportation, as they helped replace more than an estimated 2.5 million car trips.

Los Angeles becomes the first city in North America and one of only a handful in the world in which Lime riders have taken 10 million rides. More importantly, as disasters stemming from climate change impact cities and countries around the world, the 10 million rides in LA helped to prevent nearly an estimated 1,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

This achievement comes at a time when we’ve doubled down on our commitment to support the economic recovery of cities worldwide and specifically in Los Angeles, by helping build a post-pandemic future built on sustainable methods of transportation. We recently extended our Ride to Recovery initiative in LA, offering free rides to and from vaccine appointments, and launched our Lime Prime program to encourage affordable and environmentally friendly commuting.

To celebrate this milestone and thank our riders without whom this would not be possible, we’re excited to highlight L.A. eateries that use limes in their menus. We’ll be using our social channels to further promote the restaurants, including:

  1. Sonoratown: Northern Mexican style fare cooked over mesquite wood fire and garnished with lime, 208 E. 8th Street
  2. Pie Hole LA: Key lime pie, baked from scratch, 714 Traction Ave
  3. Sticky Rice: Pad thai with lime, 317 South Broadway
  4. Holbox: Surf clams with lime, 3655 S Grand Ave #C9:

“We are so proud to hit 10 million rides with summer in full swing, just as Los Angeles continues its economic recovery,” said Alyssa Edelen, Senior Operations Manager, Lime Los Angeles. “Residents and visitors have embraced micromobility and the ridership we’re seeing highlights how big a role shared electric vehicles can play in L.A.’s transportation future. We look forward to continuing our work in partnership with the city and with local organizations to provide equitable, affordable, and accessible transportation options that support small businesses and help get Los Angeles moving again. We hope our riders will take part in our fun Lime-themed food suggestions and enjoy riding on Slow Streets around the city.”

A recent survey of local riders revealed that Lime vehicles complement public transit, with 20% of riders using Lime to get to or from public transit on their last trip. 24% or riders used a Lime vehicle instead of a car for their last trip, and 72% of riders reported reducing car use generally due to Lime and other micromobility options.

We’re also using our social media channels to amplify the City’s Slow Streets program and encourage riders to patronize local businesses along the route, including in West Hollywood, Koreatown, and Los Feliz.

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In the rider survey, 63% of riders supported slow streets and 15% of riders suggested improved bike lane infrastructure as a way to increase their micromobility usage to riding. Lime is proud to be a member of Smart Growth America’s People First Cities campaign and looks forward to continuing to work with the city of Los Angeles to increase safe streets infrastructure moving forward.

It bears repeating - we can’t celebrate this milestone without acknowledging the people who made this possible, our riders. With every trip taken on a Lime vehicle, not only do they reinforce why micromobility is a vital service in today’s world but it’s one step closer to our goal of more sustainable, people-first cities.

We’ll continue to do our part in transforming cities and the way people get around them, one Lime at a time.

Here’s to the next 10 million rides!

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