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Working Better Together to support small businesses hit by COVID-19 in Iberia

As COVID-19 cases spike around Europe, small businesses play an essential role right now, as much of most of European capitals go back into curfew and lockdowns. They need our support!

Local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. Restaurants, bars, bookstores, florists, to name are few, are the businesses that are providing day to day services and jobs for our citizens while being key drivers for innovation, research and development. Yet, due to the pandemic, they all remain at risk.

Lime wants to help residents show their support with the launch of Lime & Dine. Starting with two European capitals, -25% per minute discount will be offered on every ride between 9.30pm and 11.30pm in Madrid where curfew is at midnight, and between 8.30pm and 10.30pm in Lisbon where curfew is at 11pm. Therefore Lime users can go to their favorite restaurants and local shops after work and come back home safely before curfew.

"Programs like this are very important, particularly for our small business community" says Juan Miralles, owner of Sisapo Restaurant in Madrid. "Thanks to the Lime&Dine initiative people can enjoy their delicious dinner outside and return home at lower cost without haste nor constraints.

At Lime, we remain committed to supporting and connecting the community we serve and have been rolling out Lime Aid initiatives since the beginning of the pandemic to reliably help essential workers get where they need to go.

It takes a shared effort to keep our cities healthy and we are proud to continue to do our part by helping residents move safely and support small businesses.

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