Lime commits £1 million to supporting lower income riders and key workers across UK services

Lime is proud to have launched our industry-leading Lime Aid and Lime Access schemes in the UK, supporting key workers and lower income users with free and significantly discounted e-bike rides in London, and e-scooter rides in Milton Keynes and Salford. We expect to invest over £1 million in the two schemes over the next 12 months. You can sign up to these schemes here.

We are also delighted to be partnering with the London Cycling Campaign on these initiatives. Any user who signs up for either scheme in London will also receive 3 months free membership of the London Cycling Campaign, providing them with insurance, legal advice and cycling tips free of charge.

“The London Cycling Campaign is really pleased to see Lime making it easier and cheaper for key workers and people on low incomes to enjoy the benefits of using an e-bike for transport. Getting around on two wheels is the future – for health, environmental and congestion-busting reasons. This initiative from Lime will bring that future a step closer, by helping those most impacted by the Covid pandemic to cycle through the tough few months ahead”, London Cycling Campaign Chief Executive Ashok Sinha

Delivering on our commitment to sustainable mobility for all

Lime is committed to delivering sustainable mobility for all, especially at a time where our service can provide a safe, socially distanced transport option for those that need it.

We know that transport networks in towns and big cities do not always reach every community equally, while rideshare and personal cars are expensive and carbon intensive. That’s why we’ve launched our Lime Access scheme in the UK to help support lower income riders by providing our zero carbon, door-to-door e-bike service at a significantly subsidised rate, allowing users to travel to important commitments, like job interviews and doctors appointments, in an efficient and cost effective way.

The scheme is now live across all our UK services, meaning that for a Lime Access user, an average e-bike or e-scooter ride of around a mile and a half could cost as little as £1.40.

Helping those we’ll never be able to repay

We all know the value of our key workers, so the least we can do is help them get where they need to go for free.

That’s why we’ve launched our Lime Aid programme across the UK, providing key workers, including NHS and emergency services staff, with unlimited free 30 minute e-bike rides to help them commute to work without coming into contact with others, helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by providing a safe, socially distanced transport option free of charge.

To protect key workers, wider users and the communities within which operate, we also follow Public Health England’s recommendations for disinfection, including cleaning our e-bikes every time we come into contact with them.

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