Lime Stands With The Ukrainian People and Against War

By Wayne Ting
CEO, Lime

Like many across the world, we are saddened and outraged by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and are devastated by the impact it has had on millions of innocent lives. We stand with everyone affected by this war and today launch several measures to support organizations supplying direct aid to refugees.

Through donations from our team, we will support vetted organizations providing medical assistance, food, shelter and relief to displaced people.

We will encourage our riders to donate to organizations making an impact on the ground via our app, including:

  1. International Committee of the The Red Cross: Ukraine Appeal
  2. Razom for Ukraine
  3. Save the Children
  4. Care International
  5. Choose Love
  6. Polish Humanitarian Action

In Poland, where refugees are arriving to escape the war, we are:

  1. Offering two free rides for anyone in major Polish cities traveling to donate blood. Blood donation centers in Poland have launched collection drives to supply blood to medical services within Ukraine.
  2. Launching a Lime Hero partnership with Polish Humanitarian Action, an organization providing people affected by the conflict, both within Ukraine and outside its borders, with basic necessities like medical car, food, hygiene kits, blankets and other supplies.

Over the coming days, we will expand these efforts, adding organizations working to provide humanitarian relief as Lime Hero partners so more riders can donate in the weeks to come. This will provide the option for riders to round up the cost of their ride to support relief for those impacted by the war.

We will continue to stay vigilant of the situation and seek opportunities to offer our support. We stand firmly with the Ukrainian people and urgently call for an end to the war.

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