London Just Got Greener

Almost three years after we started deploying e-bikes in London, we’re so proud to be working with Transport for London to provide e-scooters to Londoners.

E-Scooter Trial

Lime e-scooters are now available to hire across participating boroughs and private land developments in London. You can find out more about the trial, including an updated list of participating boroughs, on the Transport for London website.

Parking in London

Find out more about parking in London

Safe Riding

Wherever we operate, safety is always our key focus. Lime has worked with TfL and London Councils to introduce a number of important interventions to make sure our London e-scooter service is as safe as possible for our riders, road users and pedestrians. These include:

  • Requiring all users to take training on the Lime app the first time they hire an e-scooter. We will also be holding in-person training events and helmet giveaways across London.
  • Capping the speed of our electric scooters at 12mph across London. Our GPS technology means we can enforce speed limits in specific, low-speed or no-ride zones, such as in pedestrianised areas or outside schools and hospitals.
  • Fitting every one of our scooters with a clearly displayed unique ID number making it easy to identify and, if necessary, take enforcement measures against any rider breaking the rules.
  • Enforcing driving licence requirements using our GDPR compliant two factor licence authentication technology.

Lime is using our latest Gen4 e-scooter to deliver our London service. Built for safety, the Gen4 has been developed from the data of over 200 million Lime rides around the world. The Gen4 has a number of industry leading hardware features, including:

  • Dual hand brakes and a drum baking system, delivering the shortest braking system, delivering the shortest braking distance of any shared rental scooter by up to 50%
  • Nine reflectors and lights onboard, providing visibility of up to 300m
  • Lower baseboard and swept back handlebars to allow for greater rider stability and rider indication via hand signals
  • On-vehicle technology which provides an immediate geofence response (3 seconds)
  • 12” front wheel and mountain bike-inspired suspension to effectively deal with potholes, speed bumps and other road surface variations
  • Double kickstand to help safe parking and prevent our scooter from being knocked over

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