Lime it. Park it. Check it.

Responsible parking is a really important part of making sure our service works for everyone sharing our streets. You should never leave your e-bike in a way that obstructs the pavement or could create an access issue for pedestrians, including those with disabilities or access needs.

So here’s how to do it, because not all Boroughs are the same…

1. When to park in a marked bay…

Some London Boroughs require Lime e-bikes to be parked in what's called "mandatory parking areas". That means in Camden, City of London, Hackney, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hounslow, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster, you must leave your e-bike in designated parking bays.

If you’re Liming to one of these Boroughs, you can find these parking bays marked in-app on our map with a 🅿️.

Top tip: bays can look different in each Borough - but all can be found via 🅿️s in our app. When parking in them, please note that your Lime must be within the markings.

2. What to do outside these Boroughs…

When Liming to Boroughs without mandatory parking areas or bays, you should continue to park your e-bike considerately. Please park carefully and out of the way of others.

This means:

  • Find the nearest public bike rack where possible

  • Park neatly to the side

  • Leave at least 2 metres of space

  • Think about whether wheelchair users or pushchairs could get past your parked e-bike

  • Don’t park in car parking spaces

  • Avoid entrances, exits, and crossings

  • Tuck both the front and back wheels in neatly

3. Make sure you ace the ‘end-trip photo’ 📸

The photo you take at the end of your trip is really important. We review all photos to check how you parked your Lime. If you haven’t parked correctly, we may warn or charge you.

Follow the steps on the right to see how it’s done ✅

5. What happens if you don’t park correctly?

We review all end-trip photos to make sure our riders are on their best parking behaviour. If you don’t park correctly, you will receive a warning from us. If your parking doesn’t improve, then we will have to issue you with a charge.

The charges increase based on how often and severely the parking rules are broken. Charges can be up to £20.

If your parking doesn’t improve, we reserve the right to ban your account.

If you received a parking charge you wish to appeal, please contact us below.

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