How Lime uses facial recognition technology

For certain products (e.g. mopeds), we use facial recognition technology to verify you are the person shown on the driver's license you provide us. Through our service provider, we analyze both your selfie and the image on your driver's license and create a unique template for each. We compare the two templates to verify you are the person in the driver's license.

The use of facial recognition technology helps to protect you from impersonation and improve the safety of our Services. For example, we may be able to detect if a rider is using someone else's driver's license and prevent them from starting a ride.

Neither Lime nor our service provider stores your selfie or the templates after the verification check is performed. Lime stores a record of whether your verification was successful or not (pass/fail). We store the pass/fail information for the lifetime of a rider's account, but will delete that information if you have not accessed your account in three years (in which case you may need to go through the verification process again before using certain products).

Lime does not currently deploy facial recognition technology on its Services in the EEA, or Switzerland . However, if an EEA, or Swiss based rider tries to use a product in a jurisdiction where we use facial recognition technology, the rider may be unable to use the Services in that jurisdiction unless a selfie is provided for verification purposes.