Mobility for All

Communities thrive when people are connected. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing sustainable transportation to all, regardless of age, background, income or ability. We marry our global experience with a hyper-local focus to meet the unique needs of every city and neighborhood we serve.

Supporting Communities

We strive to provide the most affordable, accessible and equitable service in the industry. We understand the importance of being a good partner. We work hard to meet riders where they are and engage with neighborhood stakeholders to understand local needs. We then forge partnerships with community-based organizations and social service providers to address those needs and improve the lives of our riders holistically.

Social Impact

Our Programs

Lime Hero

Lime Hero is our community empowerment program. It allows riders to round up the cost of their rides to support community organizations in their hometown. Through partnerships with more than 50 organizations in more than 115 cities, riders who become Lime Heroes help to improve their communities with every ride they take. More than 75,000 Lime Hero riders have already helped to raise more than $260,000 globally for non-profit organizations, taking on clean-air, safe streets, youth and community programming, services for the unhoused, and more.

Lime Access

Providing equal access to sustainable transportation is central to our work. We launched Lime Access in 2018 to ensure cost would never be a barrier to our service. Through Lime Access, riders who qualify receive discounts on every ride.

Lime Assist

Lime Assist is our first-of-its-kind program aimed at extending access to shared electric vehicles for persons with varying abilities. Our suite of adaptive vehicles are uniquely designed to meet a wide spectrum of abilities and are available to riders at no-cost. Riders can access Lime Assist through our app or website and can select a vehicle and drop-off time at least 24-hours in advance; we deliver the vehicle to a rider’s door and pick it up when they are finished using it.

Lime to the Polls

We believe deeply in that access to transportation should never be an impediment to exercising the right to vote. Through our rides to the polls program, we have supported more than 50,000 free or low-cost rides to vote in local and national elections in over 12 countries.

Check out Lime to the Polls program for 2022 midterm elections in the US here.

Lime Advocacy

We believe in going above and beyond providing sustainable transportation to support the cities we serve. It's why we work alongside local advocates to support local safe streets and clean air campaigns. We work in partnership with advocacy organizations to support safe street infrastructure such as protected bike lanes, and policies that reduce cities' dependency on cars. Through Lime Advocacy, riders can quickly and easily get involved in organized efforts to improve their cities.

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