New York

Micro Mobility FAQs

  • Riders should always wear a helmet while operating a Lime-E electric-assist bike or Lime pedal bike in New York City.

  • Lime is currently operating a bike and electric-assist bike pilot program in the Rockaways and Staten Island. Please ride your Lime in these boroughs on the street, in designated bike lanes and on bike-accessible trails.

  • Parking is authorized within the Rockaways and Staten Island pilot zones.

    Whenever possible, please park bicycles in the area of the sidewalk closest to the curb in order to keep pedestrian traffic unobstructed. All bicycles must be parked in a way that leaves at least 3 feet of unobstructed space for pedestrian movement.

  • Parking outside of authorized zones, as well as on the Rockaway Boardwalk, may result in a $25 retrieval fee. All proceeds are donated to Transportation Alternatives and NYCHA Richmond Terrace Therapeutic Gardens.

  • Lime is proud to work with local organizations including Rockaway YMCA, Staten Island YMCA, NYCHA Richmond Terrace Therapeutic Gardens, Rockaway Youth Task Force and Rockaway Waterfront Alliance.

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