We’re inspired to create the vehicles of the future because we want to revolutionize how people move. Our innovative hardware design and intuitive technology make it fun and easy for people to replace car trips.

Our Hardware

Our latest generation vehicles, the Gen4 fleet, were designed with safety, reliability and sustainability at the core. These sleeker, longer-lasting vehicles give riders more comfort and confidence on city streets. And with a first-of-its-kind unified swappable battery system between vehicles, they're more widely available when and where you need them.


LimePrime helps riders get more out of every ride, and rewards our most loyal riders. LimePrime members have unlock fees automatically waived and can reserve vehicles for up to 30 minutes as opposed to just 10 for non-members. Discover the benefits of LimePrime today.

Sidewalk Riding Detection

Lime's sidewalk riding detection technology was designed to help remind riders to stay off the sidewalk where restricted, out of the path of pedestrians. Lime continues to iterate and improve on this first-of-its-kind technology to help keep micromobility programs safe and organized.

Lime Vision is the industry’s first operator-built computer vision platform, designed to power the future of Lime’s safety innovation. It builds on Lime’s early-generation sidewalk detection technology, also an industry-first, and is designed to prevent unsafe riding on sidewalks. The technology can distinguish between the sidewalk and the roadbed using AI-enabled image detection and can be customized to individual cities with wide ranges of road and sidewalk surfaces. Read more here.

The App

The Lime app makes it easy to navigate across any city. Upon opening the app, riders are immediately directed to the closest available vehicle, with the option to reserve it for up to 10 minutes. Riders quickly scan the vehicle to activate it and be on their way.

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