Lime’s Transit Partnerships Program

We at Lime are working hard on making multimodal transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon-free a reality. Our goal can only be achieved jointly with strong local transit partners. Launching the Lime Transit Partnership Program, any municipal transit operator can reach out to Lime and request our GBFS feed (Deep Linking) for their respective local transit applications.

What is GBFS and Deep Linking?

The General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) provides a standardized data feed for shared mobility systems. It includes, among other things, the location and status of a scooter or bike. Transit operators can use Lime’s GBFS feed to show the location and availability of Lime’s vehicles within their application. After selection of a vehicle the user will be redirected to the Lime app (Deep Linking). The booking and payment process remains inside Lime’s rider app.

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