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Lime Launches Training Mode in Select Markets

At Lime, our goal is to make riding feel as seamless and comfortable as we possibly can.If we're to realize our vision of transforming urban mobility for good, it means making our service approachable and accessible to all. It's why we strive for simplicity and safety in every aspect of our service, from our app to our vehicles.

In keeping with this goal, we are proud to announce Lime Training Mode, a new feature designed to make your first ride on a Lime smoother and more comfortable.When a rider turns on Training Mode, the max scooter speed will be reduced to just 8mph, so first-time or early riders can get the feel for riding at a comfortable speed. Training Mode helps to make Lime accessible to more riders, especially new riders.

Once riders start a trip, they can turn on Training Mode via the in-trip menu. The max speed is reset at the start of every new ride, so riders can self-select for each trip.

Training Mode was developed based on feedback from you, our riders, as well as insights from our extensive safety data, and is nowavailable on scooters in select cities, including in Atlanta, New Zealand, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Seattle, Kelowna & Edmonton.

Research suggests that a majority of scooter riders are men. Safety concerns about traveling at high speeds has been a key reason for lack of equal adoption among others. By providing an option to travel at lower speeds, we're working to alleviate that concern, and driving more adoption of this sustainable mode of transportation from riders of all backgrounds.

From Lime's extensive safety data, we've also identified that crashes and injuries are significantly more likely to occur within a rider's first five trips. That's why in certain cities where Training Mode is active, including Atlanta, new riders will have it turned on automatically during their first ride--immediately helping to provide greater comfort when riding a Lime scooter.

By directly addressing rider concerns, we’re hoping to continue the trend we’ve noticed over the past year of people turning to micromobility to get around cities. As cities reopen and people get moving again -- whether that means commuting to work, rediscovering their city, or visiting friends and family, the easier it is to get on a bike or scooter, the less likely they are to take a car.

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