Safety First

Safety comes first and always at Lime. It guides how we design and upgrade our vehicles, develop rider education and training, and work with cities to improve how streets are built to prioritize people over cars. This safety track record resulted in 99.99% of trips ending without a reported incident last year, but we always strive to ensure every ride ends safely. This work is informed by our more than 300 million trips, helping us make proactive, prevention-focused decisions to improve safety for riders and non-riders alike.

Vision Zero

We believe strongly in Vision Zero, the idea that crashes are ultimately preventable. We incorporate a safe systems approach to all aspects of our service, comprising engineering, education and enforcement, with a goal of constant improvement in everything we’re able to control. For things we cannot control, we work with cities to encourage policies in line with Vision Zero, including improved street design that prioritizes the most vulnerable road users, and regulations that are proven to reduce the potential for car crashes.

Vehicles designed to prioritize safety

We design our vehicles in-house with safety and reliability guiding our approach. Our hardware designs draw on our more than 300 million rides served, making them the most road tested in the industry. We use this experience to incorporate key features like wide, textured footboards, redundant brakes and bigger front wheels, that aim to make riders more confident on our vehicles, while dual kickstands and lower baseboards reduce the likelihood of vehicles tipping over, protecting non-riders as well.


The value of dockless mobility is the ability to travel exactly where you need to go without the hassle of finding a docking station. We understand scooter parking is an important issue for cities which is why we employ a range of solutions tailored to meet their unique needs, incorporating technology such as on-board locks to integrate with bike racks and other street furniture, dedicated parking spots that appear on our app, among other options. While studies have found that only about 2% of dockless scooters are misparked, we do all we can to ensure compliance with local parking regulations from our riders, through in-app education, in-person education, photo verification at the end of trips and more.

Training Mode

Training Mode is designed to make your first ride on a Lime smoother and more comfortable. When a rider turns on Training Mode, the scooter's max speed will be reduced to just 8mph, so first-time or early riders can get the feel for riding at a comfortable speed and build confidence from there. Training Mode helps to make Lime accessible to more riders, especially new riders who may be more apprehensive at first.


We strongly encourage our riders to wear helmets whenever they take a Lime. Through partnerships with leading helmet manufacturers like Bern and Cosmo Connected, Lime riders can get discounts on awesome helmets to ensure their heads are always protected: Discounts on Bern helmets | Discounts on CosmoConnected helmets

Lime Safety Reports & Policies

Find out more about our Safety Reports, including our report on Paris.

First Ride Academy

First Ride Academy is Lime's signature scooter safety course designed to help riders familiarize themselves with riding safely and confidently. The in-person course is divided into three parts, each focused on a different aspect of electric scooter use:

1. Informational training on how to use the Lime app and our core principles

2. Practical training teaches participants how to inspect electric scooters before riding (brakes, accelerator, etc.) and how to ride, along with safety exercises

3. The First Ride takes participants along a predetermined course for a guided ride in a public setting

Riders must be 18 years or older to participate. We encourage riders to bring their own helmet if they wish! For the best experience, participants should download our free app and create a profile prior to arriving at the event.

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