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Lime and Pedal Me team up to cut congestion and pollution in Central London

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Lime’s mission to provide safe and affordable alternative mobility options. That’s why Lime is proud to announce a first-of-its-kind partnership with Pedal Me, the world-leading London e-cargo and passenger bike service. Pedal Me will service Lime’s fleet of shared e-bikes in London - moving bikes to parking zones, delivering bikes to Lime’s service centres for repairs, and swapping out batteries to ensure users can always find a bike with full charge.

This means Lime’s e-bike service will be predominantly vehicle-free across the city - helping reduce the number of vehicles on the road and further enhancing the role e-bikes are playing in London’s new transport ecosystem. Lime's partnership with Pedal Me will replace an estimated 15,000 vehicle miles over the next three months and 60,000 over the next year, freeing up space on roads to reduce gridlock and cars idling in traffic.

Pedal Me uses hi-tech e-assist cargo bikes, highly trained riders and cutting edge logistics tech to carry people and their cargo (sometimes very large cargo!) around the city cheaper, quicker and cleaner than its van and truck-reliant competitors. One of London’s fastest growing urban transportation companies, PedalMe provides the lowest possible emissions for logistics solutions, with each cargo bike producing approximately 36g CO2/mile, compared to 400g CO2/mile from the average European motor vehicle.

“We’re excited to partner with Lime - helping them cut down on emissions associated with their operations, and making their e-bikes an even greener way to travel, said Ben Knowles, CEO and Co-Founder at Pedal Me. “Our hi-tech e-assist cargo bikes and City and Guilds assured training mean that we can deliver significant savings on CO2 and particulates compared to alternatives.”

Pedal Me uses hi-tech e-assist cargo bikes

“Together, we’re on the same mission to reduce London’s reliance on motor traffic, and make the city a more prosperous, faster moving and more pleasant place to be” continued Ben. “Lime’s industry leading e-bikes contribute toward London achieving its ambitious congestion and sustainability targets, by providing a safe, socially-distant and green transport alternative.”


Lime’s partnership with Pedal Me strengthens its commitment to London, offering a more sustainable, and environmentally-friendly service to its residents. Lime’s e-bikes have already traveled more than 1,600,000 miles, replacing nearly 50,000 car trips and saving more than 570 tonnes of CO2 in the capital. Lime is proud to charge its vehicles with 100% renewable energy in the UK, powered by Octopus Energy, and its robust repair and reuse program extends the life cycle of its products to reduce the need for recycling them. Lime’s partnership with Pedal Me will enhance the sustainability of Lime’s London operations even further.

PedalMe will swap out Lime e-bike swappable batteries

“Sustainability is at the heart of our mission to provide alternative mobility and this partnership with Pedal Me will further our common vision of making London a more environmentally-friendly, people-first city”, said Florence Milner, General Manager, UK & Ireland at Lime. “We’re looking forward to seeing our e-bikes being moved around the City on Pedal-Me’s iconic e-cargo bikes whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and tackle congestion. We deeply value our partnerships with the local businesses that know London best, especially when they yield a cleaner and more liveable city for the future.”

PedalMe’s London coverage area, September 2020

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