Lime E‑scooter in Vienna

E-scooters have only been around in Vienna for a few years. But that's no excuse for not knowing the traffic rules. You can find the most important rules here and in your Lime app. Please follow these rules to stay safe on the road and save your wallet from fines. #ridegreen #ridesafe

Safety FAQs and Tips

  • Ages 18+: You must be of legal age to use Lime. You can find our full terms and conditions here.

    One person per scooter: Always ride your scooter alone. More than one person per scooter is not allowed. If you are riding with two people on one scooter, you risk not only a fine, but also endangering yourself and other road users.

    Group ride instead of tandem: If you want to ride with more than one person, use "Group Ride" in your Lime app. This allows you to unlock up to five scooters with your account.

    Heroes wear helmets: Helmets are not mandatory. However, we recommend that you wear a helmet whenever possible.

  • Ride where there are bicycles: Always use bike lanes, bike lanes and protective lanes. If these are not available, please ride on the street.

    That's not possible and will be expensive: Riding on sidewalks and in green areas is prohibited and will be punished with a fine of up to 50 euros.

    Sometimes faster, sometimes slower: Please always adapt your speed to the respective traffic situation. The maximum speed limit for e-scooters in Vienna is 25 km/h. Please note the automatic speed limit of 5 km/h in pedestrian zones and 20 km/h in encounter zones.

    Ride nicely in a row: If you are riding with your friends, remember that you always have to ride one behind the other.

  • Consideration is the key: When you park your Lime scooter, you must not obstruct anyone or block paths. At the roadside or on sidewalks, your scooter must be parked in such a way that other road users are not restricted or endangered. Do not block any doors, driveways or entrances!

    Accessibility is a must: When parking, be especially considerate of weaker road users. For example, never park in such a way that a stroller or wheelchair cannot be used on the sidewalk. Also look carefully at the surface on which you are parking. Are there floor indicators that are used to help visually impaired people find their way? If so, please find another suitable parking space for your Lime scooter.

    Pay attention to the no parking zones: The red colored zones in your Lime app are no parking zones. You will not be able to complete your ride here. It's best to check the app just before you rent to see if your destination is in a no-parking zone and plan your ride accordingly.

  • Park primarily in car parking spaces or at bicycle stands.

    Always leave at least 4 meters of remaining width on sidewalks. If the sidewalk is narrower, please look for another parking space.

    Park only at the edge of the sidewalk on the road side, at right angles to the road. This will ensure that the scooter does not fall onto the road or parking lane.

    Use a hand signal to indicate the direction before turning.

    Do not park on sidewalks or in front of cultural structures and facilities (exception: at bike racks).

  • No alcohol on the handlebars: riding an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is never a good idea. You not only endanger yourself, but also other road users.

    Drivers of e-scooters are subject to an alcohol limit of 0.8 per mille.

    The following penalties apply for violating the alcohol limit:

    • From 0.8 per mille: 800 EUR to 3,700 EUR
    • From 1.2 per mille: 1,200 EUR to 4,400 EUR
    • From 1.6 per mille: 1,600 EUR to 5,900 EUR
    • Refusal of the alcohol test: 1.600 EUR to 5.900 EUR

    Better take bus, train, Uber or cab: Leave the scooter if you are intoxicated and better take public transport, Uber or cab.

Lime Access in Vienna

Lime Access is our global equity program that provides 70% discounted rides to eligible residents. It is part of our core mission to provide sustainable transportation options to all

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