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Lime Joins National Complete Streets Coalition

The National Complete Streets Coalition promotes the development and implementation of Complete Streets policies and professional practices.

Lime is proud to join the National Complete Streets Coalition to better use our platform as the world's leading shared micromobility provider to advocate for safer streets in all communities.

A project of Smart Growth America, the National Complete Streets Coalition promotes the development and implementation of complete streets policies and designs that make it easy for everyone to cross the street, walk to school, ride a scooter or bicycle, and move actively with assistive devices. Complete streets prioritize safety, comfort, and access for all people, especially communities that have experienced systemic underinvestment or whose needs have not been met through a traditional transportation approach.

“We're thrilled to join the National Complete Streets Coalition and use our platform to advocate for safer streets in cities across the country,” said Jonathan Perri, Director of Advocacy at Lime. “With President Biden proposing historic investments in our cities, America has an opportunity to become less dependent on car-centric infrastructure. By working with leaders like Smart Growth America, Lime will empower our millions of riders to make their voices heard and help shape the future of transportation."

"The National Complete Streets Coalition is a broad coalition of advocates, engineers, planners, and businesses that all depend on roads that are safe for all users, and we’re excited to welcome Lime as another valuable partner in this work to advance Complete Streets efforts in the United States, said Beth Osborne, Director of National Complete Streets Coalition. When it comes to our streets, federal standards have for too long prioritized the speed of vehicles over the safety of all people, and the Complete Streets Act will start to restore a better balance and make our streets safe and welcome for people of all ages and abilities."

Photo credit: Smart Growth America

Lime has already begun encouraging riders to contact their members of Congress in support of The Complete Streets Act, federal legislation that promotes safer and more accessible street design across the United States introduced by Senator Edward J. Markey (MA) and Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09). This bill is the product of more than a decade of work by the National Complete Streets Coalition and Smart Growth America.

To create safer streets, the Complete Streets Act does three basic things:

  • Sets aside federal funds to support Complete Streets projects (five percent of annual federal highway funds)
  • Requires states to create a program to provide technical assistance and award funding for communities to build Complete Streets projects
  • Directs localities to adopt a Complete Streets policy that meets a minimum set of standards to access that dedicated funding

Ask Congress to pass the Complete Streets Act.


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