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Lime Announces New Platform to Serve Every Trip Under Five Miles

First-of-its-kind MaaS platform expands micromobility access for riders globally, with Wheels as Initial Partner

We’re excited to announce a new chapter in our growth with the creation of a first-of-its-kind platform dedicated exclusively to micromobility. Lime Platform is our new, long-term Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) strategy to make Lime the most reliable option for all shared, electric vehicle trips under five miles.

This next step in Lime’s evolution allows us to partner with outstanding operators offering a range of electric vehicle types, just as people are demanding more transportation options to make short trips around their cities. This is particularly important as people rethink their rides to adjust to our changed world following initial COVID-19 restrictions.

Lime Platform builds on our global leadership as the most reliable and experienced micromobility company, providing more trips--over 170 million--to the most people around the world. It will help us reach our goal of replacing car trips of under 5 miles--up to half of all miles traveled in many countries. This will save people money, make a significant dent in eliminating climate-changing pollutants, and help cities become more people-friendly, with streets designed for human-scale transportation.

We’re especially excited to kick off this platform with Wheels, the uniquely-designed seated scooter that riders have come to love in cities around the world. Wheels’ fleet will be available in the Lime app starting this winter in Austin, Berlin, Miami and Seattle, diversifying the options riders can choose from.

We will expand the Lime Platform with new global partners, to be announced in the coming months. The Platform will eventually offer a wide range of vehicle types to meet the needs of any trip distance or preference.

With more vehicles accessible in one place, anyone looking for a bike, scooter or other light electric vehicle won’t need to download five or six different apps based on what they find on the street. Our comprehensive platform will make many options accessible in the Lime app, leading to more reliability and convenience, and less time wandering the streets for an available vehicle.

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