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Lime is the longest-serving micro-mobility company in Australia and New Zealand, with broad experience operating across many of the region’s most prominent cities.

We have operated e-bikes in Sydney for more than three years and provided more than 1.5 million trips. In late 2020, we started our e-bike service in Gold Coast and Melbourne, working across Gold Coast, Yarra, Port Phillip, and City of Melbourne Councils where we have provided more than 1.3 million trips since December 2020.

To date, over 15 million trips have travelled more than 25 million kilometres on our shared e-scooters and e-bikes across the region.

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Vehicles in Australia and New Zealand

How We Partner With Cities

  • Lime’s success can be attributed to its ability to tailor its service to each individual city where it operates. We maintain strong relationships with every municipality and local government area in which we operate, and work collaboratively to safely manage our e-scooter and e-bike services. We provide cutting-edge technology, operational excellence, infrastructure investment, and engage with local communities to improve community awareness and public confidence in e-mobility, especially for people with disabilities and other vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians.

    Through partnership and collaboration with municipalities and local government areas, Lime strives to provide quality, equitable, and reliable service for riders and non-riders alike. Lime team-members incorporate feedback from elected officials, community leaders, neighbours, and its riders into the service they provide, with the understanding that it’s locals on the ground who know their cities best.

  • Safety is Lime’s number one priority and is the core of how we operate. Our in-house designed and manufactured vehicles are built with safety at the forefront, we host a range of in-person events to ensure new riders understand how to ride, and we communicate regularly with riders about rules and how to ride safely. Finally, all riders and the public are insured for accidents that may occur.

  • The public are insured if they are injured by a Lime rider. If you are injured, called 000 immediately. Once you are safe, contact Lime support on [email protected] or 1800 861 305.

  • Every vehicle has a unique licence plate, both on the rear fender and front basket or stem. Record this licence and time, and contact Lime support on [email protected] or 1800 861 305. Alternatively, complete the form here.

  • It’s as easy as downloading the Lime app or the Uber app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Locate a vehicle in-app and scan the QR code to start riding.

  • You can add Apple or Google Pay, or any debit or credit card in-app.

  • For more information on how to partner with us, get in touch.

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