Our Logistics Providers

Are you also in the business of making the world greener? Do you hope to change the way people move around the world? Let's get together and join forces to create a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.

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Our Promise

How our Logistics Providers help

Battery Management

We depend on our Logistics Providers to keep our vehicles charged and ready to ride. You are a key part of our operations by charging batteries as well as swapping them between vehicles.

Deploying and Retrieving Vehicles

Our Logistics Providers are responsible for transporting vehicles from the warehouses to assigned locations, as well as taking them back to the warehouses for any maintenance needed.

Moving Vehicles

Our Logistics Providers help us get the right vehicles to the right places at the right times.

Our Promise


Business Entity

Expected to manage your sub-accounts (employees or contractual workers) to complete the maximum tasks with your given resources. As Lime grows its fleet in most markets, there is an opportunity to grow the volume of tasks served by sub-accounts.

Local Laws

The business entity must be registered under the local law.

Insurance Coverage

Must meet standard insurance coverage minimums.

Fleet of Vehicles

Logistics Providers must have access to a fleet of vehicles such as Vans, Cargo Bikes and Trucks. EVs on business fleet are a plus!

Personnel & Staff

Ability to hire sub-accounts

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What is in it for you?

    • Cross utilize your existing resources to expand your income streams
    • Flexibility to manage your sub-account/employee payout at your own discretion
    • Help building a future of sustainable transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon free
    • Partner with Lime to reduce carbon footprint globally and help achieve a net zero science based target by 2030
    • Get a flexibility of choosing your working hours and task volume as per your capacity

    • Have complete autonomy in managing your sub-accounts and their payouts