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Watch: The Lime Difference

At Lime, thinking through cities' needs is at the heart of our approach. Whether it's innovative parking solutions; new tech and hardware advances to reduce sidewalk riding or support persons with disabilities; ensuring the safest and most sustainable transportation service possible; or hiring locally and providing career paths to our team members, Lime is leading the way to support the goals of every city we serve.

For a helpful and friendly guide into what steps we're taking on each of these fronts, we've worked on a series of videos (below) to familiarize you with the latest from Lime.

Lime helps you take any trip, any time, anywhere, with an electric vehicle perfectly suited to all trips under five miles. We're not just a scooter company anymore:

Industry-leading tech helps reduce clutter & improve proper parking:

First-of-its-kind sidewalk riding detection technology helps all road users stay safe:

Lime's leading response to COVID-19 to keep communities healthy:

Hardware designed in-house helps Lime stand out with safety:

Local hiring and pathways to careers help means Lime is always local:

Industry-leading carbon reduction commitments help you travel sustainably:

Videos by: Poste Golden

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