Lime in Madrid

Wondering about how Lime operates in Madrid and what the rules of the road are for our vehicles? Look no further!

E-scooters, or personal mobility vehicles (VMP), are nowadays considered motor vehicles and as such are regulated in the Reglamento General de Vehículos.

The Spanish Government has approved specific rules for their circulation on public roads, applicable throughout the national territory. Keep reading to find out what these are.


E-scooters must be parked in:

  • Parking spaces for mopeds, even if the vertical signage indicates that parking is exclusively for mopeds.
  • Parking spaces for bicycles and VMP.
  • The stations specifically reserved for bicycles and VMPs on sidewalks and in parking areas.

E-scooters may never be parked on sidewalks and should never become an obstacle to pedestrians, especially those with reduced mobility.

Please not that the different city councils in Spain have incorporated in their local ordinances the parking rules for e-scooters in the municipal term, and the best way to know the rules in other cities is to check your Lime app.

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