Make the most of the Christmas season in Madrid

One could think that winter is an inappropriate season to ride with Lime and get around the city on a scooter or a bike due to the cold. That’s without thinking of the joy and freedom Lime can provide you during Christmas. Yes, it can get cold and rainy, but moving around the city from November to January can also be the most magical and memorable moment on a Lime.

To help you enjoy your ride in winter and enjoy the magic in the air during the holiday season, Lime has put together the best route to discover the most beautiful Christmas decorations, sparkling window displays, Christmas trees and lights, enchanting buildings, shops and houses.

Ride with Lime to discover Madrid Christmas light

Officially starting on November 23, with the Christmas light switch on moment, Madrid lights up over 100 streets and squares to create a unique atmosphere and memorable Christmas season.

Lime has created a dedicated itinerary to help riders discover the Christmas vibes in the city, while being free to stop for a walk and grab some hot chocolate and churros, or to go off the beaten track for a more romantic moment. With Lime, your trip can be as personalized and free as you want.

And to make sure you don’t spend all of your Christmas budget on rides, think about buying a Lime pass. Ride 60 minutes for 7,99€ or 100 minutes if you want to make the most of your Christmas trip for 13,99€.

Lime Christmas Route

In order to discover the best of Christmas lights, Lime unveils its very own Christmas itinerary for you to discover the enchanted side of Madrid.

  1. Start on Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, ride down Calle de Serrano to Plaza de la Independencia to observe the magnific Puerta de Alcalá.
  2. Then continue onto Calle de Alcalá, passing by The Fountain of Cybele, and ride till the Four Season Hotel to enjoy some of the best lights of Madrid.
  3. Then head back to Gran Via and spot the famous Big Christmas ball, before making your way up to Plaza de España. An ideal place to make another magical stop.
  4. Then head to Calle de Bailen along the Sabatini Gardens and admire the Palacio Real.
  5. Follow your journey on Calle Mayor and make a stop at the Plaza Mayor, where you’ll be able to enjoy Madrid’s most famous Christmas market with more than 100 stalls to enjoy delicious food and find the perfect presents.

Click below to start your journey on the Lime’s Christmas Route.

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Must see #1 - Puerta de Alcalà

Must see #2 - Plaza de Cibeles

Credits: Álvaro López / Madrid Destino

Must see #3 - Four Season Hotel

Must see #4 - Gran Bola de Navidad

Crédits: Álvaro López / Madrid Destino

Must see #5 - Gran Via

Must see #6 - Plaza de España

Credits: The Ginger Wanderlust

Must see #7 - Palacio Real

Must see #8 - Plaza Mayor

Lime’s best winter tips to ride while staying cozy

  • Dress warm and layer up so you can adjust as the conditions change. Your best bet is to start with a base layer that has moisture-wicking technology, and finish with an outer layer that’s wind-proof. Everything in between is up to you, and what you’re comfortable in.

  • Bikes and scooters come with different style considerations. A short coat works best on a bike, so you don’t get caught up in the wheels. But if you’re grabbing a scooter, it’s the perfect time to wear a longer coat to keep those legs warm.

  • A.k.a. leave the heels at home, if you can. It’s likely you’ll run into wet or icy surfaces, so make sure to wear a pair of shoes with grippy soles. A good boot or sneaker works wonders in slippery conditions.

  • Yes, gloves deserve their own tip. Do you know how hard it is to operate a moving vehicle with frozen hands? Bring gloves, no matter what the forecast for the day is. You won’t regret it.

  • We (strongly) recommend a helmet no matter the season. But when the temps dip, adding a beanie or cold-weather headband under your helmet helps keep your ears toasty. Make sure it fits snug enough for maximum protection but not too snug that you feel pressure or pain.

  • Until you get a good feel for the conditions, ride with an abundance of caution. Assume the roads are more slippery than you think. Take turns slower than usual. Test your brakes so you get your reaction time down. If you feel like you’re being too careful, you’re doing it right.

Ready to ride?

We made it easy to get going. Simply open your Lime app and book your ride as usual. But don’t forget to check out the Lime Passes for discounted price per trip. Thank you for celebrating Christmas in Madrid with us. Happy Holidays!

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