Lime E‑Scooter in Bremen

E-scooters have only been around in Bremen for a few years. But that's no excuse for not knowing the traffic rules. You can find the most important rules here and in your Lime app. Please follow these rules to stay safe on the road and save your wallet from fines. #ridegreen #ridesafe

Here's how to park correctly

Help us keep the streets of Bremen safe and accessible for all.

How to park in the virtual parking spots 🅿️?

In some areas of Bremen you can only park where you can see the blue parking symbol 🅿️ in the app.

Park your e-scooter in a way it is shown right next to the blue parking symbol 🅿️ in the Lime app. You can end your ride there.

How to park correctly on the sidewalk?

In places where there are not yet zones with designated parking spaces, you can park on the sidewalk as long as you follow the parking rules:

  • Park parallel, at the edge of the sidewalk.

  • Leave at least 1.80 m of sidewalk width clear.

  • Do not park towards the walls of the houses, as they serve as orientation for visually impaired people.

Pay attention to the no parking zones

The red coloured zones in your Lime app are no parking zones. You will not be able to complete your ride here. It's best to check the app just before you rent to see if your destination is in a no-parking zone and plan your ride accordingly. Don’t leave the vehicle in the no parking zones, marked red in the app to avoid receiving a fine.

Make sure you ace the end-trip photo 📸

You must take a photo of the parked vehicle to end the ride. We review all photos to check that you parked your e-scooter in line with the rules.


      • 18 years and older: You must be of legal age to use Lime. You can find our complete user agreement here.

      • One person per scooter: Always ride your scooter alone. Multiple people per scooter are not allowed. Riding together on one scooter endangers you and other road users and might lead to a fine.

      • Group ride instead of tandem: If you want to ride with more than one person, use "Group Ride" in your Lime app. This allows you to unlock up to five scooters with your account.

      • Heroes wear helmets: Helmets are not mandatory. However, we recommend that you wear a helmet whenever possible.

      • Ride where the bicycles are riding: Always use bike lanes and protective cycle lanes. If these are not available, please ride on the street.

      • That’s a no-go and will be expensive: Riding on sidewalks, in pedestrian zones and in green areas is prohibited and is punishable by a fine of up to 100 euros.

      • Sometimes faster, sometimes slower: The maximum speed of e-scooters in Germany is 20 km/h. Please always adapt your speed to the respective traffic situation. Always keep to walking speed in play streets and other traffic-calmed areas.

      • Keep in line: If you are riding with your friends, remember that you must always ride one behind the other. Otherwise, it can quickly become expensive, with a fine of at least 15 euros.

    • No alcohol on the handlebars: Driving an e-scooter under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is never a good idea. You endanger yourself and other road users.

    • The same rules apply to e-scooters as to driving a car:

      • From 0.3 per mil, you are liable to prosecution.

      • From 0.5 per mil, you face a fine with a driving ban and two points in Flensburg system.

      • From 1.1 per mil, your driver's license is gone, and you can also be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

    • It's better to take the bus or a taxi: Leave your scooter behind when you're drunk and take public transport or a cab.

  • We will check the photo you took to make sure you parked the scooter properly. If you have not parked properly or left the vehicle in the no parking zone, you will receive a one-off warning. If your parking behaviour does not improve after this, we will have to charge you a penalty fee.

    If you are fined repeatedly, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

  • If you find a vehicle that is illegally parked, please use Scooter-Melder website ( or reach out to Lime customer support.

    You can find Lime's contact information on the stickers on our e-scooters

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