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Lime Hero Spotlight: Red Cross organizations

Lime Hero arrives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, allowing scooter and ebike riders to round up and donate to the Red Cross Movements in DACH.

On the occasion of Giving Tuesday on December 1, Lime is calling on all users in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich and Basel to participate in the Lime Hero Program. German, Austrian and Swiss e-scooter and e-bike riders can join our Lime Hero program. Once enrolled, we'll round up the cost of every Lime trip and donate the difference to the Red Cross societies. Small donations have a big impact and will support the work of the volunteers and the relief efforts of the Red Cross. Lime and the national Red Cross societies DRK, ÖRK and SRK had already partnered up in May this year in the Lime Aid Program to help people in need during the COVID 19 crisis.

"This enables us to support important aid projects of the German Red Cross for the benefit of people who are particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis, for example. In difficult times it is particularly important that no one is left alone," says Gerda Hasselfeldt, President of the German Red Cross.

"Thanks to LimeHero, Lime riders can now simply donate by rounding up to the nearest franc in the app. We thank Lime for this new and innovative form of donation, which enables us to finance our commitment", adds Dorothea Bergler, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Swiss Red Cross.

The Red Cross services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

The Red Cross societies rescue people, help in emergencies, offer people a community, stand by the poor and needy and watch over international humanitarian law - in the German-speaking countries and around the world. The Austrian Red Cross, the German Red Cross and the Swiss Red Cross are three of 192 Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies worldwide and thus part of the largest humanitarian movement in the world. With their donations, the Lime-users help exactly where people need help and support aid projects where they are most needed.

"We are delighted to support the Lime Scooter users, who are also helping people in need," says Gerald Schöpfer, President of the Austrian Red Cross. "The donations will benefit individual spontaneous help. With it we can help people who would otherwise be threatened by difficult situations like eviction. We make one-time payments and advise them on how to find a way out of their crisis.”

"We are pleased to continue our partnership with the German, Austrian and Swiss Red Cross and to be able to support the offers and Red Cross services in Germany and worldwide with the help of the Lime community in many cities in the DACH region and the LimeHero Program," says Jashar Seyfi, General Manager at Lime in Germany, Austria and Switzerland..

The LimeHero Program is a global initiative where Lime users round up the cost of each e-scooter ride and support a local NGO and charity. Partners in the LimeHero Program include the Latet organization in Tel Aviv, Israel and the Respire association in Paris, France. More information about the program is available at

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