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Lime for Cities

Serving cities is at the core of LimeBike’s mission. From dockless bikes to electric alternatives, our shared smart mobility solutions reduce traffic congestion, promote healthy living, and solve the all-important challenge of the first and last mile. And that’s just the beginning.

With our comprehensive GPS data, cities have a powerful resource to help plan for and maintain safer roads and bikeways. We can also serve all areas of the community, including those traditionally underserved by public transportation or traditional bike shares.

Unlike traditional dock-based systems, LimeBike requires no public funding or subsidies, meaning we’re able to deliver a world-class smart mobility service at absolutely no cost to cities. We’re successfully serving over 40 communities, from smaller cities like South Bend, IN to major metro markets of Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. If you’re interested in bringing LimeBike to your community, we’d love to hear from you.


Lime Business Network

Lime Business Network 为公司和他们的员工提供 LimeBike 带 GPS 的自行车作为雇员额外津贴。

在 LimeBike 服务的每个城市的任何公司,均可享受此项服务。我们的合作伙伴将获得一个月的无限次 LimeBike 骑行,并与我们密切合作,设计一个负担得起的平价计划,让员工能够使用 LimeBike 作为他们的日常通勤和其他活动。

此项服务已在西雅图正式推出,并与 Facebook WeWork、New Tech Northwest、Galvanize、Zulily、EnergySavvy、Pike Place Fish Market 以及许多其他大型公司和中小企业建立合作。

在 LimeBike 服务的每个城市的任何公司,均可享受 Lime Business Network。


Lime Campus Network

Lime Campus Network 旨在增加学生对共享单车的使用,减少校园交通堵塞和拥挤,并确保骑行 LimeBike 让学生负担得起。


我们提供平价服务,让学生能够使用 LimeBike 进行通勤、校园内骑行、城市探索及其他活动。


Lime Community Network

LimeBike 努力工作,确保共享单车面向所有人。通过与主要利益相关者和社区组织紧密合作,我们设计了一个有效的权益计划。

Lime Community Network 也将为低收入人士提供高补贴骑行。要符合低收入要求,申请人应该具备一定资质,在各自城市拥有由国家运行的援助计划。

  • 每月充值 5 美元,就可骑行最多 100 次
  • LimeBike 可每周 7 天,全天 24 小时服务
  • 在特定地点进行人员登记
  • 不需要信用卡或借记卡
  • 不需要智能手机