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Our Partner Programs

Marketing Partners

See a fit between your product and Lime? We'd love to partner up. Reach out to [email protected]

Logistics Partners

Our Logistics Partner program is a great way to build a flexible business, work on your own time, get paid weekly, and grow with Lime as we scale worldwide.

Transit Partners

Launching the Lime Transit Partnership Program, any municipal transit operator can reach out to us to request and integrate our local GBFS-Feed in their local transit applications.

Our Promise


Business Entity

You are expected to manage your sub-accounts (employees or contractual workers) to complete the maximum tasks with your given resources. As Lime grows its fleet in most markets, you have the opportunity to grow the volume of tasks been served by your sub-accounts.

Local Laws

The business entity must be registered under the local law

Insurance coverage minimums

Must meet standard insurance coverage minimums

Fleet of Vehicles

Logistics Partners must have access a fleet of vehicles such as Vans, Cargo Bikes, Tucks, etc. EVs on business fleet are a plus!

Personnels & Staff

Ability to hire sub-accounts and contractors

Join Our Logistics Partner Program

What is in it for you?

    • Cross utilize your existing resources to expand your income streams
    • Flexibility to manage your sub-account/employee payout at your own discretion
    • Help building a future of sustainable transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon free
    • Partner with Lime to reduce carbon footprint globally and help achieve a net zero science based target by 2030
    • Get a flexibility of choosing your working hours and task volume as per your capacity

    • Have complete autonomy in managing your sub-accounts and their payouts

  • “ I would like to have data on a daily basis– every 24 hours. I’d like to be able to instantly check on his workers, if tasks are completed, instead of every week. If more tasks are completed then I can think about getting additional workers. I’d also like geolocation of tasks completed– then I can model better where perhaps I was most efficient and plan accordingly.”

    - Adel, Owner/ Manager in Paris

  • “With Voi we have been working in Gothenberg. There are 4 zones with 4 partners. Every day, we know where to go. So we can plan, every week we know in advance how many drivers we need on what days in that week.

    With Voi, we have on-going contact every day. With Lime it is rare– maybe I dealt with them once for an invoice. With Voi, we have WhatsApp groups that include the local Voi representative, the drivers, and management including myself.”

    - Cora, Tranda in Stockholm

  • “Last year was difficult with competition, arguments and stress with other drivers… we would send photos to [the OM] who would try to arbitrate… we would have to argue…Iit would be much better if each LP had its own zone. It used to be like this with Lime, but they got rid of it— since last year. Do you know why they changed it? I asked once and didn’t get a response.”

    - Asmar, Co-owner/driver of Asmar Transport in Berlin

  • “I grow my working fleet depending on what [the OM] says. I am not in contact with her too often, maybe every two weeks or when a task surge happens….I know about the LP Dashboard, the OM showed it to me but I don’t really use it….[I will check it] to see task completion, mostly to check the percentage of lost tasks due to material malfunction. Then I will issue a bill to the Lime OM for money unpaid.”

    - Salim, Owner/manager of Truck-It in Paris