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Lime Fleet

Smart Bikes

LimeBike single speed bikes are perfect for cruising in style. 3G, GPS-enabled and equipped with classic spokeless wheels, they're the definition of making a single-speed statement

Your perfect anytime ride in the city, LimeBike 3-speed bikes are versatile enough to climb the hills while still giving you plenty of “go” power for the descents and straightaways.

When the terrain is anything but flat, LimeBike 8-speed bikes are a commuter’s best friend. Equipped with eight gears to get you up even the steepest inclines, this is smart mobility at its most practical.

Electric Assist

Lime-E electric assist bikes will change the way you look at cycling. With a smart motor that responds to the torque you apply to the pedals, it's the easiest bike ride you'll ever experience.

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Getting around town has never been so simple, nor so fun! With the push of a button, our Lime-S electric scooter will carry you effortlessly across the city thanks to its smart 250-watt motor.

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