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New Zealand Passes One Million Electric Scooter Ride Milestone

Cities | January 21, 2019 | Share 

It’s official: in less than four months, Kiwis have taken over one million rides on Lime-S electric scooters.

The announcement comes shortly after the release of Lime’s Year-End Report, which revealed that the company had facilitated more than 26 million rides worldwide by December of 2018.


"This is an exciting milestone that the entire country can be proud of," said Hank Rowe, Lime's lead market launcher in New Zealand. "Cities like Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin are helping to lead the micro-mobility revolution and demonstrating the powerful global impact that electric scooters can have on urban transportation." 



New Zealand’s enthusiastic adoption of Lime-S scooters is already showing signs of impacting automobile usage. In a recent poll, 22% of riders in Auckland reported choosing a Lime-S to complete a trip they would otherwise have taken by automobile, be it a personal car, carshare, rideshare or taxi.

This bodes well for a country that saw its vehicle ownership per capita jump nearly 50% between 2000 and 2016.

As Lime continues to grow in 2019, the company will look to expand its micro-mobility offering in New Zealand and the larger Asia-Pacific area. “It’s seen as one of the most exciting upcoming regions for our company,” said Mitchell Price, who works on Lime’s Government Relations team.

In November, Lime became the official transportation partner of Eden Park in Auckland, home of the country’s famed All Blacks rugby team. Lime CEO Toby Sun visited the stadium last week to celebrate both the partnership and the country's 1-millionth ride.




The mayor of Christchurch also championed the company’s electric scooters, noting that they “have made the city increasingly accessible and have supported an immense amount of personalized mobility.”

Lime’s carbon neutral fleet of electric scooters is ideal for urban transportation, helping to reduce traffic and minimize the carbon output produced by fossil-fuel burning automobiles.  

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