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Lime Scooters in Santa Monica Bring Equity, Access and Smart Mobility

Cities | August 31, 2018 | Share 

Thank you, Santa Monica. Lime is thrilled and honored to be included in the city's new pilot program.

Here and throughout the world, our commitment to safe and equitable smart mobility is a hallmark of our organization.

It’s the reason we launched our Lime Access program, offering industry-leading discounts to underserved communities across the US.

It’s the inspiration for for our partnership with PayNearMe, ensuring that riders without credit cards, bank accounts or smartphones can use cash to pay for Lime.

It’s the impetus behind our Lime Hero donation feature, a first of its kind for smart mobility providers that allows users to help neighborhood nonprofits simply by taking a ride.

It’s also the reason that we’ve led the way in tech innovations like our fleet-wide “tip notification” alert system and "Parked or Not" feature, enabling us to efficiently address the problem of fallen vehicles and poorly parked scooters.

Of course, much more work needs to be done to fully integrate Lime’s smart mobility system into traditional urban infrastructure that was designed without scooters in mind.

As the most experienced company fully-focused on dock-free bike and scooter sharing, Lime will always work responsively to evolve our systems and support improvements to public infrastructure to meet the needs of the communities we serve.


Our entire team understands that a fruitful partnership with any community requires trust and cooperation. It’s precisely for that reason that, through an open dialogue with city officials, we’ve worked hard to develop new features that meet the diverse needs of Santa Monica riders.

These include:


  • Geofencing around the beachside path, Palisades Park and Promenade along with in-app messaging reminding users that parking and riding in these areas is prohibited


  • Automatically reducing scooter speed when a rider enters a geofenced area designated by the City, and returning it to normal speed as soon as the rider exits the zone


  • Verifying each new user’s age by scanning his or her driver’s license before granting access our Lime-S electric scooters


  • Partnering with nearly 200 local businesses to provide approved deployment locations and easy public access to free helmets


In addition to these programs, we have committed to the following steps:


  • Donating $1.5 million over a two-year period to improve the City’s bike and scooter infrastructure and educate the public about responsible smart mobility use


  • Providing the City with specific measurements and locations of every space where we recommend they install new parking corral infrastructure on the public right of way, based on Lime’s ridership data


  • Providing the City with access to a live API offering real-time fleet data and generating visualization analyses to help inform planning and infrastructure improvement efforts


Trust and transparency are paramount in building an equitable transportation network, and where smart mobility is concerned, Lime’s track record of innovation, accessibility and transparency is unparalleled in the industry.

Our entire team is looking forward to continuing to partner with Santa Monica, our thousands of community riders and almost 200 local small business partners.

We thank you sincerely for your support, and look forward to many more great rides and memories to come in the beautiful City of Santa Monica.

Toby Sun
Co-Founder and CEO

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