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Lime Announces E-Scooter Launches In Brazil, Argentina And Peru In Major LATAM Expansion

News | June 26, 2019 | Share 

From Rio to Lima to Buenos Aires, Lime electric scooters will soon be available in more cities across South America.


That was the message delivered today by Wayne Ting, Lime’s Global Head of Operations and Strategy. Beginning in early July, Lime scooters will launch in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, as well as in neighboring Buenos Aires, Argentina and Lima, Peru.


These four cities alone are home to over 20 million people, with two of them being ranked among the most traffic-congested urban areas in the world.


“Latin America is ready for a massive shift in transportation, and we see the region as a perfect place for micro-mobility,” said Ting. “Lime is successfully operating in some of the world’s biggest, densest and most congested cities, and we want to bring our know-how and experience to Latin America to help transform the way people get around their communities.”


The launches aren’t the only new developments being announced, either. Lime will also be extending services in Mexico City, Mexico and Santiago, Chile, two markets that have already helped Lime riders in Latin America travel more than 2,500,000 km (1,500,000 miles) on electric scooters.




With the addition of Brazil, Argentina and Peru, Lime will soon be operating in seven countries throughout Latin America. In late April, the company rolled out electric scooters in the capital cities of Bogota, Colombia and Montevideo, Uruguay.


Today’s announcement follows this past week’s high-profile launches in Chicago and Berlin, bringing Lime micromobility to two of the most populated cities in North America and Europe.

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