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Lime Partners With Passport On New Micromobility Management Pilot For Cities

Policy | March 19, 2019 | Share 


In urban communities around the world, Lime is working to help improve commuting, reduce congestion and increase mobility options to underserved areas.

Along with the benefits of micromobility, however, come unique challenges faced by many cities as they implement a new and rapidly-expanding mode of transportation.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Passport, a leading mobile payment and curb parking technology company, as they pilot a first-of-its-kind micromobility management system in Charlotte, Omaha and Detroit.

Passport x Lime

Lime and Passport will work with these three cities to research whether scooter caps can be replaced with a system of flexible parking charges.

They will also have greater control on monitoring and managing scooter parking by:

- Analyzing scooter distribution and usage patterns over time

- Powering curbside pricing and payments across new modes of transportation

- Managing scooters to address city-level objectives like equitable access and first/last mile transit solutions

“We’re thrilled to work with Passport and the cities of Charlotte, Detroit, and Omaha on this groundbreaking pilot,” said Evan Costagliola, Director of Transportation Partnerships at Lime.

“This is a prime example of cities and Lime collaborating to both determine the right fleet size through data and jointly achieve mode shift, sustainability and accessibility objectives."

Passport will also connect companies like Lime to officials on a level that allows cities to keep pace technologically, enabling a heightened understanding of how micromobility companies operate and best practices for effectively integrating transportation solutions.


Lime’s partnership with Passport is the latest in our proactive approach to transparency and data sharing. In December, our Year-End Report took a granular look at the numbers behind micromobility and its impact on markets across the world.

We’re dedicated to improving mobility for all, and look forward to working closely with Passport and these three pioneering American cities. To learn more, download the Lime app or subscribe to our newsletter.


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