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WATCH: Lime and Lyon Rugby Team Up To Bring City And Players Closer Together

Community | April 9, 2019 | Share 

Part treasure hunt, part team building exercise, the players and staff members at Lyon’s professional LOU Rugby club paired up with Lime recently to help bring the city and its team closer together.

The friendly, morning-long competition consisted of puzzles, riddles and a team challenge to snap photos in all four corners of the city using only Lime electric scooters for transportation.



“We have two missions,” explained club president Yann Roubert at the outset of the event. “The first is to grow rugby here in Lyon, and for that it’s important that our players spend time in the city and get to know it better.”

Equipped with helmets, scooters and and a series of clues, teams were allowed to set off from LOU’s Gerland Stadium only after they completed a set of initial brain teasers and a safe-riding tutorial.

Once in the city, players enlisted the help of local Lyon residents to identify correct photo locations in exchange for tickets to an upcoming home match on April 13 versus Perpignan.



“It was an honor to help the players of this historic rugby club connect with the city and citizens of Lyon,” said Antoine Bluy, Lime’s local Operations Manager. “LOU and Lime share the same emphasis on safety, fun and team spirit, and we’re proud to have been a part of such a great community building initiative.”

Check out the video below for more highlights from the event, or download the Lime app to take your next springtime ride around Lyon.


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