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Lime Launches In Marseille And Athens Highlight Europe's Growing Embrace Of Micro-Mobility

Cities | January 23, 2019 | Share 

The rapid adoption of micro-mobility in Europe is showing no signs of slowing down in 2019.


Over the past week, Lime successfully launched its electric scooters in the major urban hubs of Athens, Greece and Marseille, France; this despite a January that has been marked by winter storms and sub-zero temperatures across the continent.

Both deployments come after constructive dialogue between the company and local city officials geared towards building mobility networks tailored to the needs of some of Europe’s most congested cities.

Lime Scooters in Athens

First launching in Thessaloniki in December, Lime rolled out its fleet of electric scooters this week in the historic Greek capital of Athens.

“We welcome Lime to the capital of the country,” said Deputy Mayor Andreas Varelas, noting that, if correctly implemented, “the presence of electric scooters in a city with the kind of traffic problems that Athens has can fill a gap in our traffic needs.”

Lime Launches In Marseille And Athens Highlight Europe's Growing Embrace Of Micro-Mobility-2

Though one of the the continent’s oldest and most congested cities, Athens has recently embraced its position as a hub of modernization, even claiming the title of European Capital of Innovation in 2018.

Lime’s arrival is an exciting next step in that transformation, offering a sustainable, accessible solution to the problem of first and last-mile mobility. “We believe that Athenians will embrace this new, modern and ecological way of transportation within the city,” said local Lime Operations Manager Nikos Chatzidakis.

Lime Scooters in Marseille

Marseille is the most recent French market to launch Lime electric scooters, after the stunning success of micro-mobility programs in cities like Paris and Lyon.

“We’ve been working with Lime for six months to prepare the proper training and operation guidelines,” said Deputy Mayor of Traffic and Parking Jean-Luc Ricca, who called the program “a win-win for the city, its residents, mobility, sustainable development and employment.”


Lime Launches In Marseille And Athens Highlight Europe’s Growing Embrace Of Micro-Mobility-1


Marseille currently ranks fifth among Europe’s most congested cities, in part due to its standing as one of the oldest and most populated cities in France. As Lime’s recent Year-End Report announced, global mode-shift trends made possible by the introduction of electric scooters could help to alleviate traffic problems by providing Marseille residents with an accessible, sustainable alternative to personal vehicles.

Micro-Mobility in Europe

From the beginning, Lime’s mission has been to provide a clean and equitable alternative to polluting cars. Just over one year after arriving on the other side of the Atlantic, the growing number of large European cities adopting Lime’s micro-mobility platform is demonstrating just how impactful that change can be.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lime’s international growth, subscribe to the Lime blog or download the Lime app to take a ride in Athens, Marseille, Paris, Berlin, London, Lisbon or any one of over 100 cities around the world.

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