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Lime Rolls Out Latest In-App Tech With Find Available Scooter Feature

Tech | July 30, 2019 | Share 

Unlocking a Lime scooter is, by design, a simple experience:


  1. Open the app
  2. Scan the code
  3. Done


Every once in a while, however, it’s possible to come across a scooter that’s unavailable -- whether it's reserved by another rider or awaiting pickup for repair. In these cases, even though the vehicle will not appear in the Lime app, a rider might stumble upon it by chance and, after trying to unlock it, receive a message indicating that the scooter is unavailable. 


That’s frustrating. Or at least it was.


Starting today, Lime’s new Find Available Scooter (FAS) feature is rolling out around the globe, helping riders who have received an “unavailable scooter” message to quickly and easily locate other vehicles in their vicinity. 


Riders need only tap the “Find Available Scooter” button, displayed immediately in the Lime app, to be shown a selection of nearby scooters complete with helpful information like walking distance, estimated travel time and remaining battery life. 




There’s even an option to reserve the selected scooter in order to ensure its availability upon arrival. 


"Find Available Scooter is the latest in a series of product releases that make Lime more dependable for every rider,” said Will Lee, product manager at Lime. “We turn a potentially frustrating experience--trying to unlock an unavailable scooter--into a positive one by showing how to get to the nearest available vehicle.” 


Today's FAS announcement comes on the heels of another highly anticipated Lime feature launch. Earlier this month Lime released Group Ride, an app enhancement that allows riders in dozens of cities around the world to unlock multiple scooters from a single host account. 

To learn more about the newest feature releases and tech updates from around the world of micromobility, subscribe to Lime 2nd Street, or download the app to take a group ride with your friends or family members today.


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