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Lime's Juicer Program Turns One Year Old With Some Incredible Stories To Share

Community | March 7, 2019

Lime has been through metamorphic changes since we began our story in 2017.

As we’ve progressed from pedal bikes to electric scooters, however, our commitment to bettering the communities we serve has remained constant.

And while improving the way people move about their cities is perhaps the most visible form of this commitment, there are a few lesser known paths.

One of these is the Juicer Program, which provides opportunities for financial gain to local residents in all Lime-S markets. Juicers have the freedom to make money on their own schedule by collecting, charging and redeploying our electric scooters.  This has given many the chance to pursue their goals of financial independence.




Juicers are tasked with a crucial part of Lime’s network, as they are on the front lines in ensuring that our riders can find a fully charged scooter nearby every morning.

As the Juicer Program celebrates its first birthday this year, we’ve taken the opportunity to look back with gratitude on all of the astonishing things this community has accomplished. In doing so, we've had the chance to listen to and celebrate the incredible community that has formed around Juicing.

Read on to discover just some of the amazing ways Juicing has empowered our Juicers to change their lives. How has Lime changed yours? Let us know at stories@li.me, or sign up to become a Lime Juicer today!






Shivali-San Jose-LimeJuicer

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